Principle Teachers

The Maguire O’Shea Academy has been running for over forty years. Kathleen Maguire has won three world championships and together with her husband Michael Maguire they have produced many World, All Ireland and all major champions, with many of their dancers going on to perform in major shows such as ‘Riverdance’, ‘Lord of the Dance’ and ‘Magic of the Dance’. They have six children, five of which have performed with Riverdance. Darren their eldest son has performed the lead in the show, Michael was also with the same troupe and trained for the understudy. Their youngest son Ciaran has performed in Dancing on Dangerous Ground with Colin Dunne and Jean Butler. He is now a lead in Magic of the Dance. Katie performed with Riverdance for eight years and was Dance captain while the troupe perfromed in China and Japan. Ellie has toured all over the world with Riverdance and is now back home teaching with Maguire O’Shea. Many of their other pupils are also lead dancers in various shows, making Maguire O’Shea one of the most successful schools in the world. Their youngest daughter Ellie won the World Championship three times making Irish dance history, being the first mother and daughter to both win the world championships.

Katie had a very successful competitive career starting from a very early age winning numerous championships including six times London Qualifying Champion. She also placed top three in every major championship including the World, All Ireland, Great Britain’s and also won the North American championships twice. Katie performed with Riverdance the show for over ten years and was a well respected Dance Captain for the troupe overseeing filming of the highly successful ‘Riverdance the Show – Geneva’ DVD. As a Dancer she has performed on television shows all over the world and danced in presitgous venues such as Radio City Music Hall and the Great hall of China to name a few. On return from touring the world with Riverdance, Katie successfully passed her T.C.R.G.exams and joined Maguire O’Shea Academy as a teacher and lead choreographer. She is also one of the youngest ever to pass the A.D.C.R.G. exam to become an Adjudicator within An Commission. Together with her many achievements as a performer Katie has also enjoyed great success as a choreographer and has been invited to choreograph and co-ordinate routines for many popular televisions shows such as Lets Dance for Comic relief, Dancing on Ice, Record Breakers and Blue Peter. Katie is delighted to be part of one of the most respected and successful schools worldwide with Numerous World Champions including her sister Ellie Maguire who Katie trained to win the world three times and the Current Mens All Ireland Champion 2012 Owen Sherman.

Ellie started dancing at the early age of 2 years old performing in her first exhibition at the Ilford town hall with all members of the Maguire Family. After many years of dedication and hard work she went on to have a very successful dancing career winning over 30 major championships including 3 World championships and 4 All Ireland titles. Ellie holds 2 current irish dancing records, she is the only dancer to achieve a maxium score of 1500 points (1st from 15 adjudicators) at the US Nationals and (together with kathleen) they are the only mother and daughter to have won the World Championships. They achieved this not only once but three times! Ellie went on to join the highly successful show ‘Riverdance’ for 5 years where she toured all over the world performing in front of thousands of people from Japan, China, Europe and America, in presitigous venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and Radio City Music Hall, New York. Ellie has also performed as principle lead dancer in the show ‘Rhythms of Ireland’ which toured Australia in 2008. Ellie has appeared in numerous television shows including being the youngest dancer on ‘Record breakers’ with Riverdance and has performed for presitigous audiences such as the Empress of China and the Irish Paralympic team. Ellie successfully passed her T.C.R.G examination and joined the Maguire O’Shea Academy together with her sister Katie and her parents. Ellie works very closely and creatively with her sister Katie training dancers of all levels and choreographing material, producing champions such as All Ireland 2012 winner Owen Sherman.